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Why your business needs a POS system

1. POS systems save time and money

Using an efficient POS in your business can reduce queue size, make it easier to cashiers to retrieve information for customers and reduce risk by preventing frustration and minimizing the loss of time and productivity.

2. Increase functionality and ease of use

For example, a cloud-based POS system will enable you to run the business, and retrieve reports and useful data from any location and on any device. And, unlike traditional cash registers, which were not designed with ease of use in mind, POS systems are designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

3. Reduce (or eliminate) employee error and theft

Not only will POS systems calculate all manner of sales-related activity, they can also highlight your best- and worst-performing employees. Additionally, POS systems can detect employee theft, which, incidentally, is the original reason that James Ritty invented the very first POS system back in the late 19th century!

4. Get real-time actionable reports and data

Over time, data can be collected and utilized in many ways. After all, you can’t run a business based on insight and intuition alone. Through accurate data collection you can create successful strategies and make informed business decisions.

5. Improve the customer experience

A better customer experience can be achieved using features such as customer ordering and inventory tracking, which enables product look-up and ordering to a store from other franchise locations or suppliers.